Donor Stories

The Cilkers

The Cilker Family: Family Traditions

In 1946, Bill and Leila Cilker bought their first apricot and prune orchard on Blossom Hill Road from one of Bill's uncles. In the years since, they've seen a lot of changes in the Valley of Heart's Delight.

The Sobratos

The Sobratos: Donated Buildings Build Community

John A. Sobrato, founder of Sobrato Development Companies, has always had two passions in life: building structures and building community.

The Iversons

The Iversons: Life Income Becomes a Legacy

Memories of childhood trips to the family beach house in Pajaro Dunes will live on for a lifetime for Milt and Nellie Jo Iverson's four children Ann, Bruce, Kristine, and Steve. But the house has provided much more than memories of family vacations.

Nancy Scammell

Nancy Scammell: Professional Advisor Unlocks a Legacy

Nancy Ross Scammell’s family legacy is one steeped in military history and a love of books. Nancy’s great grandfather designed the USS Olympia and, after settling in San Mateo, was the founding trustee for the San Mateo Public Library.

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Success Story - The Cilkers

"This has made it possible for our four children and their spouses to share in the thrill of giving grants to many organizations."
- Bill and Leila Cilker